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High Step-up DC-DC Converter by Switched Inductor and Voltage Multiplier Cell for Automotive Applications
Divya Navamani. J, Vijayakumar. K*, Jegatheeesan. R* and Lavanya. A*
Abstract This paper elaborates two novel proposed topologies (type-I and type-II) of the high stepup DC-DC converter using switched inductor and voltage multiplier cell. The advantages of these proposed topologies are the less voltage stress on semiconductor devices, low device count, high power conversion efficiency, high switch utilization factor and high diode utilization factor. We analyze the Type-I and Type-II topologies operating principle and mathematical analysis in detail in continuous conduction mode. High-intensity discharge lamp for the automotive application can use the derived topologies. The proposed converters give better performance when compared to the existing types. Also, it is found that the proposed type-II converter has relatively higher voltage gain compared to the type-I converter. A 40 W, 12 V input voltage and 72 V output voltage has developed for the type-II converter and the performances are validated.
Keyword High step-up, Switched inductor, Voltage multiplier, Steady state analysis, CCM, DCM, Voltage stress
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