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An Automatic Diagnosis System for Hepatitis Diseases Based on Genetic Wavelet Kernel Extreme Learning Machine
Derya AVCI
Abstract Hepatitis is a major public health problem all around the world. This paper proposes an automatic disease diagnosis system for hepatitis based on Genetic Algorithm (GA) Wavelet Kernel (WK) Extreme Learning Machines (ELM). The classifier used in this paper is single layer neural network (SLNN) and it is trained by ELM learning method. The hepatitis disease datasets are obtained from UCI machine learning database. In Wavelet Kernel Extreme Learning Machine (WK-ELM) structure, there are three adjustable parameters of wavelet kernel. These parameters and the numbers of hidden neurons play a major role in the performance of ELM. Therefore, values of these parameters and numbers of hidden neurons should be tuned carefully based on the solved problem. In this study, the optimum values of these parameters and the numbers of hidden neurons of ELM were obtained by using Genetic Algorithm (GA). The performance of proposed GA-WK-ELM method is evaluated using statical methods such as classification accuracy, sensitivity and specivity analysis and ROC curves. The results of the proposed GA-WK-ELM method are compared with the results of the previous hepatitis disease studies using same database as well as different database. When previous studies are investigated, it is clearly seen that the high classification accuracies have been obtained in case of reducing the feature vector to low dimension. However, proposed GA-WK-ELM method gives satisfactory results without reducing the feature vector. The calculated highest classification accuracy of proposed GA-WK-ELM method is found as 96.642 %.
Keyword Pattern recognition, Wavelet Kernel (WK) based Extreme Learning Machines (ELM), Genetic Algorithm (GA), Classification accuracy, Sensitivity and specivity analysis, ROC curves, Hepatitis.
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