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Investigations on Partial Discharge, Dielectric and Thermal Characteristics of Nano SiO2 Modified Sunflower Oil for Power Transformer Applications
S. Nagendran and S. Chandrasekar*
Abstract The reliability of power transmission and distribution depends up on the consistency of insulation in the high voltage power transformer. In recent times, considering the drawbacks of conventional mineral oils such as poor biodegradability and poor fire safety level, several research works are being carried out on natural ester based nanofluids. Earlier research works show that sunflower oil has similar dielectric characteristics compared with mineral oil. BIOTEMP oil which is now commercially available in the market for transformers is based on sunflower oil. Addition of nanofillers in the base oil improves the dielectric characteristics of liquid insulation. Only few results are available in the literature about the insulation characteristics of nano modified natural esters. Hence understanding the influence of addition of nanofillers in the dielectric properties of sunflower oil and collecting the database is important. Considering these facts, present work contributes to investigate the important characteristics such as partial discharge, lightning impulse, breakdown strength, tandelta, volume resistivity, viscosity and thermal characteristics of SiO2 nano modified sunflower oil with different wt% concentration of nano filler material varied from 0.01wt% to 0.1wt%. From the obtained results, nano modified sunflower oil shows better performance than virgin sunflower oil and hence it may be a suitable candidate for power transformer applications.
Keyword Sunflower oil, Nanofluids, Partial discharge, Lightning impulse discharge, Dielectric and thermal characteristics, Power transformer
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