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A Numerical Approach for Lightning Impulse Flashover Voltage Prediction of Typical Air Gaps
Zhibin Qiu, Jiangjun Ruan*, Congpeng Huang*, Wenjie Xu* and Daochun Huang*
Abstract This paper proposes a numerical approach to predict the critical flashover voltages of air gaps under lightning impulses. For an air gap, the impulse voltage waveform features and electric field features are defined to characterize its energy storage status before the initiation of breakdown. These features are taken as the input parameters of the predictive model established by support vector machine (SVM). Given an applied voltage range, the golden section search method is used to compute the prediction results efficiently. This method was applied to predict the critical flashover voltages of rod-rod, rod-plane and sphere-plane gaps over a wide range of gap lengths and impulse voltage waveshapes. The predicted results coincide well with the experimental data, with the same trends and acceptable errors. The mean absolute percentage errors of 6 groups of test samples are within 4.6%, which demonstrates the validity and accuracy of the predictive model. This method provides an effectual way to obtain the critical flashover voltage and might be helpful to estimate the safe clearances of air gaps for insulation design.
Keyword Air gap, Flashover voltage prediction, Lightning impulse, Electric field features, Impulse voltage waveform, Support vector machine (SVM), Golden section search method
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