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Design and Fabrication of a Compact Passive Lowpass Filter with Very Ultra Wide Stopband
Gholamhosein Moloudian* and Massoud Dousti
Abstract Microstrip lowpass filters (LPFs) with good performance are used in most telecommunication systems. The important features of a LPF include wide stopband and high figure of merit. In this study, a resonator was used to design a LPF. Three suppression cells were also used to widen the stopband by up to 40 GHz. The filter cut-off frequency is equal to 1.2 GHz. The results show that the stopband width, with consideration of -30 dB attenuation, is equal to 34.2 GHz and its figure-of-merit is equal to 34620. The simulated, measured and LC equivalent circuit results of the proposed LPF are in good agreement and the filter dimensions were equal to 0.110.08 g2.
Keyword Lowpass filter, Stopband, Compact, Microstrip
Status Before proofreading
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