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A New Direct Torque Control Scheme of an Induction Motor Using Duty Ratio Modulation
Jeong-Woo Park* and Dong-Myung Lee
Abstract The direct torque control (DTC) scheme features a simple structure thanks to stator fluxoriented control. It has the advantage of robustness against motor parameters variation since only the stator resistance is involved in the control scheme. On the other hand, the disadvantage of DTC is large torque ripple. To reduce the torque ripple, many studies on DTC-space vector modulation (DTC-SVM) schemes, which modulate the duty ratio with a fixed switching cycle, have been proposed. However, there is the difficulty in obtaining the duty ratio for DTC-SVM. Hence, this paper proposes a new duty ratio selection and stator flux calculation methods for reducing torque ripple. Simulations and experiments were carried out to determine the validity of the proposed method. The proposed scheme has simplified the duty ratio command and achieved the same control performance as the conventional duty ratio modulation method without using the information of motor parameter
Keyword DTC (Direct Torque Control), DRM (Duty Ratio Modulation), Stator flux calculation, Torque ripple reduction, Fixed switching frequency
Status Before proofreading
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