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System-Level Vulnerability Analysis for Commutation Failure Mitigation in Multi-infeed HVDC Systems
Minhan Yoon* and Gilsoo Jang
Abstract This paper deals with commutation failure of the line-commutated converter high voltage direct current (LCC HVDC) system caused by a three phase fault in the ac power system. An analytic calculation method is proposed to estimate the maximum permissible voltage drop at the LCC HVDC station on various operating point and to assess the area of vulnerability for commutation failure (AOV-CF) in the power system based on the residual phase voltage equation. The concept is extended to multi-infeed HVDC power system as the area of severity for simultaneous commutation failure (AOS-CF). In addition, this paper presents the algorithm for the implementation of a shunt compensator applying to the proposed method. An analysis and simulation have been performed with the IEEE 57 bus sample power system and the Jeju island power system in Korea.
Keyword HVDC, Multi-infeed, LCC, Commutation failure, Power system
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