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Short-range Visible Light Positioning Based on Angle of Arrival for Smart Indoor Service
Yong Up Lee* and Seop Hyeong Park
Abstract In visible light (VL) positioning based on angle of arrival (AOA) estimation for smart indoor service, the AOA parameters obtained at the receiver has sometimes a random and distributed angle form instead of a point angle form due to the multipath transfer of the actual visible light and short positioning distance. The AOA estimation of a VL signal with a random and parametric distributed angle form may give incorrect AOA parameter estimates, which may result in poor VL positioning performance. In this paper, we classify the AOA parameters of the received VL signal into three forms according to the actual positioning channel environment and consider the short-range VL positioning method. We propose a subspace-based AOA parameter estimation technique and a data fusion method, and analyzed the proposed method by simulation and the measurement of the real VL channel characteristics.
Keyword Visible light communication, Indoor positioning, Angle of arrival, Visible light channel, Data fusion
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