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Sliding Mode Control Based DTC of Sensorless Parallel-Connected Two Five-Phase PMSM Drive System
Tounsi Kamel*, Djahbar Abdelkader*, Barkat Said**, M. Al-Hitmi*** and Atif Iqbal
Abstract This paper presents a sensorless direct torque control (DTC) combined with sliding mode approach (SM) and space vector modulation (SVM) to achieve mainly a high performance and reduce torque and flux ripples of a parallel-connected two five-phase permanent magnet synchronous machine (PMSM) drive system. In order to increase the proposed drive robustness and decrease its complexity and cost, the rotor speeds, rotor positions, fluxes as well as torques are estimated by using a sliding mode observer (SMO) scheme. The effectiveness of the proposed sliding mode observer in conjunction with the sliding mode control based DTC is confirmed through the application of different load torques for wide speed range operation. Comparison between sliding mode control and proportional integral (PI) control based DTC of the proposed two-motor drive is provided. The obtained speeds, torques and fluxes responses follow their references; even in low and reverse speed operations, load torques changes, and machines parameters variations. Simulation results confirm also that, the ripples of the torques and fluxes are reduced more than 3.33% and 16.66 %, respectively, and the speed overshoots and speed drops are reduced about 99.85% and 92.24%, respectively.
Keyword Five-phase permanent magnet synchronous machine; Direct torque control; Sliding mode control; Sliding mode observer
Status Before proofreading
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