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Calculation of Electromagnetic Excitation Forces in Double Skewed Motors
Xiaohua Bao, Chong Di* and Yang Zhou**
Abstract An electromagnetic excitation force is caused by the air-gap flux density, which greatly influences the noise and vibration of the motor. In many real projects, skewed slot technology is widely used to reduce the harmonic components of the air-gap flux density to reduce the noise and vibration of the motor. However, a skewed slot has several side effects such as a transverse current and axial drifting. Thus, a double skewed slot rotor is selected with the aim of eliminating these side effects. This paper presents the exact structure of the double skewed slot rotor and the mechanism whereby the electromagnetic excitation force can be reduced. A multi-slice method is adopted to model the special structure. Finite element simulation is used to verify the theory.
Keyword Electromagnetic excitation force, Double skewed rotor, Multi-slice method, Finite element method
Status Before proofreading
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