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Lifetime Management Method of Lithium-ion battery for Energy Storage System
Il-Kuen Won*, Kyoung-Min Choo*, Soon-Ryung Lee*, Jung-Hyo Lee** and Chung-Yuen Won
Abstract The lifetime of a lithium-ion battery is one of the most important issues of the energy storage system (ESS) because of its stable and reliable operation. In this paper, the lifetime management method of the lithium-ion battery for energy storage system is proposed. The lifetime of the lithium-ion battery varies, depending on the power usage, operation condition, and, especially the selected depth of discharge (DOD). The proposed method estimates the total lifetime of the lithium-ion battery by calculating the total transferable energy corresponding to the selected DOD and achievable cycle (ACC) data. It is also demonstrated that the battery model can obtain state of charge (SOC) corresponding to the ESS operation simultaneously. The simulation results are presented performing the proposed lifetime management method. Also, the total revenue and entire lifetime prediction of a lithium-ion battery of ESS are presented considering the DOD, operation and various condition for the nations of USA and Korea using the proposed method.
Keyword Energy storage system, Lithium-ion battery, Lifetime, Depth of discharge, Achievable cycle
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