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Micro-Grids Reliability Enhancement Under Different Penetration Levels of Hybrid DG Units
M. Essam, Y. M. Atwa*, E. F. El-Saadany*, S. Conti** and S. A. Rizzo**
Abstract Novel mechanism of customized adequacy formulation is proposed in order to enhance micro grids system reliability. The mechanism accounts for 2-levles of load curtailment, and is mainly based on probabilistic load profile and hybrid Distributed Generation (DG) units modeling. The two load curtailments are needed in order to ensure adequate technical constraints at steady state condition during islanding mode of operation. The effectiveness of the proposed formulation has been verified using system independent analytical expressions for the evaluation of both reliability and Expected Energy Not Served (EENS) indices. The evaluation has examined the impact of different penetration levels of Hybrid DG Units in case study islands. Results show the enhancement of the overall distribution system reliability and the recommended conditions for successful islanding mode of operation.
Keyword Micro grids, Distribution system reliability, EENS, Analytical models, Distributed generation, Islanding
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