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Output Tracking of Uncertain Fractional-order Systems via Robust Iterative Learning Sliding Mode Control
Ehsan-Ghotb Razmjou*, SeyedKamal-Hosseini Sani and SeyedJalil-Sadati**
Abstract This paper develops a novel controller called iterative learning sliding mode (ILSM) to control linear and nonlinear fractional-order systems. This control applies a combination structures of continuous and discontinuous controller, conducts the system output to the desired output and achieve better control performance. This controller is designed in the way to be robust against the external disturbance. It also estimates unknown parameters of fractional-order systems. The proposed controller unlike the conventional iterative learning control for fractional systems does not need to apply direct control input to output of the system. It is shown that the controller perform well in partial and complete observable conditions. Simulation results demonstrate very good performance of the iterative learning sliding mode controller for achieving the desired control objective by increasing the number of iterations in the control loop.
Keyword Fractional order systems, Sliding mode control, Iterative learning technique, Robust control, Partial and complete observability
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