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The High Resistance Measurement up to 100 P目 using a Low Resistance, a Low Voltage Source and a Commercial Digital Multimeter
Multimeter Kwang Min YuE, Sang Hwa Lee*, Jeon Hong Kang* and Wan-Seop Kim*
Abstract The potentiometric measurement result for a high resistance up to 100 P目 using a low resistance, a low voltage source and a commercial digital multimeter(DMM) is presented. With the method, a resistance can be easily, fast and economically measured. Using the method, resistance ranges over the 10 G目 range which is difficult to measure using a commercial DMM and resistance ranges between 100 T目 and 100 P目 which cannot measure using an insulation tester were measured within accuracy of a few percent. It is expected that it can be useful to determine the temperature and voltage effect of a high resistance and an insulation material because it uses a reference resistance with a low resistance, very low temperature and voltage effect. Besides, it is expected that it can be useful to calibrate a dc high voltage divider with a large resistance ratio and a very low resistance because arbitrary resistance ratio measurements are possible with it.
Keyword Ultra-High resistance measurement, Potentiometric method, Voltage source-voltmeter method
Status Before proofreading
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