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High-Performance Elevator Traction Using Direct Torque Controlled Induction Motor Drive
Osama Mohamed Arafa*, Mohamed Elsayed Abdallah** and Ghada Ahmed Abdel-Aziz
Abstract This paper presents a detailed realization of direct torque controlled induction motor drive for elevator applications. The drive is controlled according to the well-known space vector modulated direct control scheme (SVM-DTC). As the elevator drives are usually equipped with speed sensors, flux estimation is carried out using a current model where two stator currents are measured and accurate instantaneous rotor speed measurement is used to overcome the need for measuring stator voltages. Speed profiling for a comfortable elevator ride and other supervisory control activities to provide smooth operation are also explained. The drive performance is examined and controllers parameters are fine-tuned using MATLAB/SIMULINK. The blocks used for flux and torque estimation and control in the offline simulation are compiled for real-time using dSPACE Microlabox. The performance of the drive has been verified experimentally. The results show good performance under transient and steady-state conditions.
Keyword Direct Torque Control (DTC), DSP, Elevator drives, Induction motor drives, Stator voltage reconstruction, Voltage source inverter nonlinearity
Status Before proofreading
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