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Simplified Synthetic Testing Facility with Modified TRV Circuit
Jin-Kyo Chong, Kyung Seob Lee*, Chang-Hoon Lee* and Gyu-Tak Kim**
Abstract In order to develop a gas circuit breaker (GCB), the breaking performance of the short line fault (SLF) should be prioritized over that of the breaker terminal fault (BTF). In brief, it is necessary to evaluate the thermal characteristics of the insulating gas that is filled in a GCB. In the process of developing a GCB, many companies use the simplified synthetic testing facility (SSTF). In order to evaluate the SLF breaking performance of a GCB with a long minimum arcing time, a modifications to the conventional SSTF was proposed. In this study, we developed the SSTF with a modified transient recovery voltage circuit. The performance of the newly developed SSTF was verified by an L90 breaking performance test on a rating combination of 170 kV, 50 kA, and 60 Hz
Keyword Breaker terminal fault, Gas circuit breaker, Modified transient recovery voltage circuit, Short line fault, Simplified synthetic testing facility
Status Before proofreading
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