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Analysis on Current Limiting Characteristics of Transformer Type SFCL with Additionally Coupled Circuit
Seung-Taek Lim*, Seok-Cheol Ko** and Sung-Hun Lim
Abstract In this paper, the transformer type superconducting fault current limiter (SFCL) with additionally coupled circuit was suggested and its peak fault current limiting characteristics due to the fault condition to affect the fault current were analyzed through the fault current limiting tests. The suggested transformer type SFCL is basically identical to the previous transformer type SFCL except for the additional coupled circuit. The additional coupled circuit, which consists of the magnetically coupled winding to the primary and the secondary windings together with another superconducting element and is connected in parallel with the secondary winding of the transformer type SFCL, is contributed to the peak fault current limiting operation for the larger transient fault current directly after the fault occurrence. To confirm the fault current limiting operation of the suggested SFCL, the fault current limiting tests of the suggested SFCL were performed and its effective peak fault current limiting characteristics were analyzed through the analysis on the electrical equivalent circuit.
Keyword Coupled winding, Double quench, Transformer type SFCL, Peak fault current limiting operation
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