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Direct Power Control of PMa-SynRG with Back-to-back PWM Voltagefed Drive
Jeihoon Baek* and Sangshin Kwak
Abstract In this paper, the performance analysis of a control topology based on the direct output power control (DPC) for robust and inexpensive permanent magnet-assisted synchronous reluctance generator (PMa-SynRG) system is presented. The PMa-SynRG might be coupled to an internal combustion engine running at variable speed. A three-phase PWM rectifier rectifies the generator output and supplies the dc link. A single-phase PWM inverter supplies constant ac voltage at constant frequency to the grid. The overall control algorithm is implemented on a TMS320F2812 digital signal processor board. Simulations results and experimental results verify the operation of the proposed system.
Keyword Back-to-back PWM voltage-fed drive, Direct power control (DPC), Permanent magnetassisted synchronous reluctance generator (PMa-SynRG)
Status Before proofreading
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