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Orthogonal Waveform Space Projection Method for Adaptive Jammer Suppression
Kang-In Lee*, Hojun Yoon*, Jongmann Kim** and Young-Seek Chung
Abstract In this paper, we propose a new jammer suppression algorithm that uses orthogonal waveform space projection (OWSP) processing for a multiple input multiple output (MIMO) radar system exposed to a jamming signal. Generally, a conventional suppression algorithm based on adaptive beamforming (ABF) needs a covariance matrix composed of the jammer and noise only. By exploiting the orthogonality of the transmitting waveforms of MIMO, we can construct a transmitting waveform space (TWS). Then, using the OWSP processing, we can build a space orthogonal to the TWS that contains no SOI. By excluding the SOI from the received signal, even in the case that contains the SOI and jamming signal, the proposed algorithm makes it possible to evaluate the covariance matrix for ABF. We applied the proposed OWSP processing to suppressing the jamming signal in bistatic MIMO radar. We verified the performance of the proposed algorithm by comparing the SINR loss to that of the ideal covariance matrix composed of the jammer and noise only. We also derived the computational complexity of the proposed algorithm and compared the estimation of the DOD and DOA using the SOI with those using the generalized likelihood ratio test (GLRT) algorithm.
Keyword MIMO radar, Bistatic MIMO radar, DOA estimation, Jammer suppression, ABF, GLRT
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