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Compensation On-line of Errors Caused by Rotor Centrifugal Deformation for a Magnetically Suspended Sensitive Gyroscope
Chao-Jun Xin*, Yuan-Wen Cai*, Yuan Ren* and Ya-Hong Fan**
Abstract The aim of this paper is to design a centrifugal deformation error compensation method with guaranteed performance that allows angular velocity measurement of the magnetically suspended sensitive gyroscopes (MSSGs). The angular velocity measurement principle and the structure of the MSSG are described, and the analytical model of errors caused by MSSG rotor centrifugal deformation is established. Then, an on-line rotor centrifugal deformation error compensation method based on measurement of rotor spinning speed in real-time has been designed. The common issues caused by centrifugal deformation of spinning rotors can be effectively resolved by the proposed method. Comparative experimental results before and after compensation demonstrate the validity and superiority of the error compensation method.
Keyword Magnetically suspended sensitive gyroscope (MSSG), Attitude angular measurement, Rotor centrifugal deformation, Error compensation, Analytical model
Status Before proofreading
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