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Theoretical Computation of the Capacitance of an Asymmetric Coplanar Waveguide
Chan Mi Song*, Gina Kwon*, Jong Min Lee*, Kang-Yoon Lee*, Youngoo Yang* and Keum Cheol Hwang
Abstract An electrostatic boundary-value problem of a dielectric-wedge-backed, double-slotted conducting wedge is investigated to analyze an asymmetric coplanar waveguide with an infinite dielectric thickness using the Mellin transform and a mode-matching method. Our theoretical solution based on eigenfunction expansion and residue calculus is a rigorous and fast-convergent series form. Numerical computations are conducted to evaluate the potential field, capacitance, and characteristic impedance for various structures of the asymmetric coplanar waveguide. The computed results show good agreement with the simulated results.
Keyword Asymmetric coplanar waveguide, Mellin transform, Mode-matching, Wedge
Status Before proofreading
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