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Covariance Matrix Synthesis Using Maximum Ratio Combining in Coherent MIMO Radar with Frequency Diversity
Hyeonmu Jeon*, Yongseek Chung*, Wonzoo Chung**, Jongmann Kim*** and Hoongee Yang*
Abstract Reliable detection and parameter estimation of a radar cross section(RCS) fluctuating target have been known as a difficult task. To reduce the effect of RCS fluctuation, various diversity techniques have been considered. This paper presents a new method for synthesizing a covariance matrix applicable to a coherent multi-input multi-output(MIMO) radar with frequency diversity. It is achieved by efficiently combining covariance matrices corresponding to different carrier frequencies such that the signal-to-noise ratio(SNR) in the combined covariance matrix is maximized. The value of a synthesized covariance matrix is assessed by examining the phase curves of its entries and the improvement on direction of arrival(DOA) estimation.
Keyword Covariance matrix, RCS, Frequency diversity, DOA, Multicarrier, MIMO
Status Before proofreading
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