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Formulation of the Greens Functions for coplanar Waveguide Microwave Devices as Genetic Algorithm-Based Complex Images
DaJung Han*, ChangHyeong Lee* and Sungtek Kahng
Abstract A new Complex Image Method based on Genetic Algorithm (GA) is proposed to calculate the Greens functions of CPW (coplanar waveguide)-type microwave components and antennas. The closed-forms of the spectral-domain integrals are obtained by the GA, avoiding the conventional procedures of the tedious linear algebra and the sampling conditions sensitive to the complex-variable sampling paths adopted in the Pronys and GPOF methods. The proposed method is compared with the numerical Sommerfeld Integral, which results in good agreement.
Keyword GA; Complex image method; Greens function; MoM: CPW
Status Before proofreading
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