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JEET, Vol. 13, No. 6, November 2018
Improved LiDAR-Camera Calibration Using Marker Detection Based on 3D Plane Extraction
Gon-Woo Kim
Area D - Information and Control
Abstract In this paper, we propose an enhanced LiDAR-camera calibration method that extracts the marker plane from 3D point cloud information. In previous work, we estimated the straight line of each board to obtain the vertex. However, the errors in the point information in relation to the z axis were not considered. These errors are caused by the effects of user selection on the board border. Because of the nature of LiDAR, the point information is separated in the horizontal direction, causing the approximated model of the straight line to be erroneous. In the proposed work, we obtain each vertex by estimating a rectangle from a plane rather than obtaining a point from each straight line in order to obtain a vertex more precisely than the previous study. The advantage of using planes is that it is easier to select the area, and the most point information on the board is available. We demonstrated through experiments that the proposed method could be used to obtain more accurate results compared to the performance of the previous method.
Keyword 3D LiDAR,Extrinsic calibration,Marker detection,Point cloud,Plane fitting.
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