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JEET, Vol. 13, No. 6, November 2018
SEC Approach for Detecting Node Replication Attacks in Static Wireless Sensor Networks
L. Sujihelen
Area D - Information and Control
Abstract Security is more important in many sensor applications. The node replication attack is a major issue on sensor networks. The replicated node can capture all node details. Node Replication attacks use its secret cryptographic key to successfully produce the networks with clone nodes and also it creates duplicate nodes to build up various attacks. The replication attacks will affect in routing, more energy consumption, packet loss, misbehavior detection, etc. In this paper, a Secure-Efficient Centralized approach is proposed for detecting a Node Replication Attacks in Wireless Sensor Networks for Static Networks. The proposed system easily detects the replication attacks in an effective manner. In this approach Secure Cluster Election is used to prevent from node replication attack and Secure Efficient Centralized Approach is used to detect if any replicated node present in the network. When comparing with the existing approach the detection ratio, energy consumption performs better.
Keyword SEC-Secure-Efficient for centralized,NAK-Novel Alphanumeric Key,Node replication attacks,Paillier method,Secure CLUSTER Election
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