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JEET, Vol. 13, No. 6, November 2018
Analysis on Temperature Distribution and Current-Carrying Capacity of GIL Filled with Fluoronitriles-CO2 Gas Mixture
Cong Wang
Area C - Electrophysics and Applications
Abstract Fluoronitriles-CO2 gas mixtures are promising alternatives to SF6 in environmentallyfriendly gas-insulated transmission lines (GILs). Insulating gas heat transfer characteristics are of major significance for the current-carrying capacity design and operational state monitoring of GILs. In this paper, a three-dimensional calculation model was established for a GIL using the thermal-fluid coupled finite element method. The calculated results showed close agreement with experimentally measured data. The temperature distribution of a GIL filled with the Fluoronitriles-CO2 mixture was obtained and compared with those of GILs filled with CO2 and SF6. Furthermore, the effects of the mixture ratio of the component gases and the gas pressure on the temperature rise and current-carrying capacity of the GIL were analyzed. Results indicated that the heat transfer performance of the Fluoronitriles-CO2 gas mixture was better than that of CO2 but worse than that of SF6. When compared with SF6, use of the Fluoronitriles-CO2 gas mixture caused a reduction in the GILs current-carrying capacity. In addition, increasing the Fluoronitriles gas component ratio or increasing the pressure of the insulating gas mixture could improve the heat dissipation and current-carrying capacity of the GIL. These research results can be used to design environmentally-friendly GILs containing Fluoronitriles- CO2 gas mixtures.
Keyword Gas-insulated transmission line,Fluoronitriles-CO2 gas mixture,Thermal field calculation,Current-carrying capacity.
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