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JEET, Vol. 13, No. 6, November 2018
Dynamic Equivalent Battery as a Metric to Evaluate the Demand Response Performance of an EV Fleet
Young Gyu Jin
Area A - Electric Power Engineering
Abstract Electric vehicles (EVs) are significant resources for demand response (DR). Thus, it is essential for EV aggregators to quantitatively evaluate their capability for DR. In this paper, a concept of dynamic equivalent battery (DEB) is proposed as a metric for evaluating the DR performance using EVs. The DEB is the available virtual battery for DR. The capacity of DEB is determined from stochastic calculation while satisfying the charging requirements of each EV, and it varies also with time. Further, a new indicator based on the DEB and time-varying electricity prices, named as value of DEB (VoDEB), is introduced to quantify the value of DEB coupled with the electricity prices. The effectiveness of the DEB and the VoDEB as metrics for the DR performance of EVs is verified with the simulations, where the difference of charging cost reduction between direct charging and optimized bidding methods is used to express the DR performance. The simulation results show that the proposed metrics accord well with the DR performance of an EV fleet. Thus, an EV aggregator may utilize the proposed concepts of DEB and VoDEB for designing an incentive scheme to EV users, who participate in a DR program.
Keyword Electric vehicle,Demand response,Equivalent battery,DR metric,EV aggregator.
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