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JEET, Vol. 13, No. 6, November 2018
Development of Protection Method for Power System interconnected with Distributed Generation using Distance Relay
Chul-Hwan Kim
Area A - Electric Power Engineering
Abstract The conventional power system allowed only downstream power flow. Therefore, even if a fault occurs, only the forward current flow is considered. However, with the interest in distributed generation (DG), DGs such as Photovoltaic (PV), Wind Turbine (WT) are being connected to a power system. DGs have many advantages, but they also have disadvantage such as generation of reverse flow. Reverse flow can severely disrupt existing protection systems that only consider downstream power flow. The major problems that may arise from reverse power flow are blinding protection and sympathetic tripping. In order to solve such problems, the methods of installing a directional relay or a fault current limiter is proposed. However, this method is inconceivable because of the economics shortage. Therefore, in this paper, a distance relay installed in existing power system is used to solve the protection problem. Modeling of distance relay has been carried out using ElectroMagnetic Transients Program (EMTP), and it has been verified through simulations that the above problems can be solved by a distance relay.
Keyword Blinding protection,Distance relay,Distributed generation,Sympathetic tripping,protection
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