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JEET, Vol. 13, No. 6, November 2018
Nonlinear Excitation Control Design of Generator Based on Multi-objective Feedback
Dengyi Chen
Area A - Electric Power Engineering
Abstract In order to realize the multi-objective control of single-input multi-output nonlinear differential algebraic system (NDAS) and to improve the dynamic characteristics and static accuracy, a design method of nonlinear control with multi-objective feedback (NCMOF) is proposed, the principium of this method to arrange system poles, as well as its nature to coordinate dynamic characteristics and static accuracy of the system are analyzed in detail. Through NCMOF design method, the multi-objective control of the system is transformed into linear space, and then it is effectively controlled under the nonlinear feedback control law, the problem to balance all control objectives caused by less input and more output of the system thus is solved. Applying NCMOF design method to generator excitation system, the nonlinear excitation control law with terminal voltage, active power and rotor speed as objective outputs is designed. Simulation results show that NCMOF can not only improve the dynamic characteristics of generator, but also damp the mechanical oscillation of a generator in transient process. Moreover, NCMOF can control the terminal voltage of the generator to the setting value with no static error under typical disturbances.
Keyword Nonlinear differential algebraic system,Multi-objective feedback,Pole assignment,Excitation control.
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