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JEET, Vol. 13, No. 6, November 2018
A Load Identification Method for ICPT System Utilizing Harmonics
Chen-Yang Xia
Area A - Electric Power Engineering
Abstract Online identification of load parameters is the premise of establishing a stable and highlyefficient ICPT (Inductive Coupled Power Transfer) system. However, compared with pure resistive load, precise identification of composite load, such as resistor-inductance load and resistancecapacitance load, is more difficult. This paper proposes a method for detecting the composite load parameters of ICPT system utilizing harmonics. In this system, the fundamental and harmonic wave channel are connected to the high frequency inverter jointly. The load parameter values can be obtained by setting the load equation based on the induced voltage of secondary-side network, the fundamental wave current, as well as the third harmonic current effective value received by the secondary-side current via Fourier decomposition. This method can achieve precise identification of all kinds of load types without interfering the normal energy transmission and it can not only increase the output power, but also obtain higher efficiency compared with the fundamental wave channel alone. The experimental results with the full-bridge LCCL-S type voltage-fed ICPT system have shown that this method is accurate and reliable.
Keyword Composite load,Double channel,Fourier decomposition,Harmonics,Identification,Inductive coupled power transfer
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