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JEET, Vol. 13, No. 5, September 2018
Sliding Mode Control based on Disturbance Observer for Magnetic Levitation Positioning Stage
Ma Shuyuan
Area D - Information and Control
Abstract Magnetic levitation system with the advantages of non-contact, no friction and no wear can satisfy the requirement of high precision and high speed positioning. In this paper, magnetic levitation positioning stage which mainly consists of planar coil and HALBACH permanent magnet array and its control and driving system are designed. Magnetic levitation system is a highly nonlinear and strongly coupled complex system and its control performance can be influenced by the uncertainty and external disturbance. So exact feedback linearization method is used to realize exact linearization and decoupling, and a strategy of sliding mode control based on disturbance observer is proposed to compensate the uncertainty and external disturbance. Detailed proofs of observers convergence property and system stability are derived. Both the simulation and experiment results verify the effectiveness of sliding mode control algorithm based on disturbance observer.
Keyword Magnetic levitation positioning stage,Exact feedback linearization,Sliding mode control,Disturbance observer
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