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JEET, Vol. 13, No. 5, September 2018
Discriminative Manifold Learning Network using Adversarial Examples for Image Classification
Yuan Zhang
Area D - Information and Control
Abstract This study presents a novel approach of discriminative feature vectors based on manifold learning using nonlinear dimension reduction (DR) technique to improve loss function, and combine with the Adversarial examples to regularize the object function for image classification. The traditional convolutional neural networks (CNN) with many new regularization approach has been successfully used for image classification tasks, and it achieved good results, hence it costs a lot of Calculated spacing and timing. Significantly, distrinct from traditional CNN, we discriminate the feature vectors for objects without empirically-tuned parameter, these Discriminative features intend to remain the lower-dimensional relationship corresponding high-dimension manifold after projecting the image feature vectors from high-dimension to lower-dimension, and we optimize the constrains of the preserving local features based on manifold, which narrow the mapped feature information from the same class and push different class away. Using Adversarial examples, improved loss function with additional regularization term intends to boost the Robustness and generalization of neural network. experimental results indicate that the approach based on discriminative feature of manifold learning is not only valid, but also more efficient in image classification tasks. Furthermore, the proposed approach achieves competitive classification performances for three benchmark datasets : MNIST, CIFAR-10, SVHN.
Keyword Manifold learning,Discriminative feature,CNN,Adversarial examples,t-SNE,Dimensionality reduction.
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