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JEET, Vol. 13, No. 5, September 2018
Active GNSS Antenna Implemented with Two-Stage LNA on High Permittivity Substrate
Jae-Young Chung
Area C - Electrophysics and Applications
Abstract We propose a small active antenna to receive Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS) signals, i.e., Global Positioning System (GPS) L1 (1,575MHz) and Russian Global Navigation Satellite System (GLONASS) L1 (1,600 MHz) signals. A two-stage low-noise amplifier (LNA) with more than 27 dB gain is implemented in the bottom layer of a three-layer antenna package. In addition, a hybrid coupler is used to combine signals from pair of proximately coupled orthogonal feeds with 90 phase difference to achieve the circular polarization (CP) characteristic. Three layers of high permittivity (r = 10) substrates are stacked and effectively integrated to have a small dimension of 64 mm64 mm7.42 mm (including both circuit and antenna). The reflection coefficient of the fabricated antenna at the target frequency is below -10 dB, the measured antenna gain is above 26 dBic and the measured noise figure is less than 1.4 dB.
Keyword Active antenna,Axial ratio,Circularly polarization,Global navigation satellite system,Patch antenna.
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