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JEET, Vol. 13, No. 5, September 2018
Design and Analysis of a High Speed Single-phase Hybrid 4/4 poles SRM for Hammer Beaker Application
Jin-Woo Ahn
Area B - Electric Machinery and Power Electronics
Abstract In this paper, a novel single-phase hybrid switched reluctance motor (HSRM) is proposed for hammer breaker application. The hammer breaker requires only unidirectional rotation and highspeed operation. To satisfy the requirements and eliminate torque dead-zone, the rotor of the proposed 4/4 poles SRM is designed with wider pole arc and non-uniform air-gap. This motor has a simple structure and produces low torque ripple. Permanent magnets (PMs) are mounted on the inner stator at a certain position which enables it to park the rotor for self-start and create positive cogging torque in the torque dead-zone. Compared with conventional single-phase switched reluctance motor, HSRM has an increased torque density and relatively low torque ripple. To verify effectiveness, finite element method (FEM) is employed to analyze the performance of the proposed structure. Then, the proposed motor is compared with the existing motor drive system for the same application. The proposed HSRM is easy to manufacture along with competitive performance.
Keyword Hybrid single-phase SRM,Non-uniform air-gap,Low-cost,Torque-ripple,Hammer breaker.
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