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JEET, Vol. 13, No. 5, September 2018
Influence of Different Frequency Harmonic Generated by Rectifier on High-speed Permanent Magnet Generator
Yanqi Wei
Area B - Electric Machinery and Power Electronics
Abstract Since the stator winding of High-Speed Permanent Magnet Generator (HSPMG) has few winding turns and low inductance value, it is more prone to be influenced by harmonic current. Moreover, the operation efficiency and the torque stability of HSPMG will be greatly influenced by harmonic current. Taking a 117 kW, 60 000 rpm HSPMG as an example, in order to analyze the effects of harmonic current on HSPMG in this paper, the 2-D finite element electromagnetic field model of the generator was established and the correctness of the model was verified by testing the generator prototype. Based on the model, the losses and torque of the generator under different frequency harmonic current were studied. The change rules of the losses and torque were found out. Based on the analysis of the influence of the harmonic phase angle on torque ripple, it is found that the torque ripple could be weakened through changing the harmonic phase angle. Through the analysis of eddy current density in rotor, the change mechanism of the rotor eddy current loss was revealed. These conclusions can contribute to reduce harmonic loss, prevent demagnetization fault and optimize torque ripple of HSPMG used in distributed power supply system.
Keyword High-speed permanent magnet generator,Harmonic current,Core loss,Eddy current loss,Torque ripple
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