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JEET, Vol. 13, No. 5, September 2018
Modification of an Analysis Algorithm for DC Power Systems Considering Scalable Topologies
Dong-Jun Won
Area A - Electric Power Engineering
Abstract Direct current(DC) systems have recently attracted attention due to the increase in DC loads and distributed generations, such as renewable energy sources. Among these technologies, there has been much research into DC distribution systems or DC microgrids. Within this body of research, the main topics have been about optimum control and operation methods in terms of improving power efficiency. When DC systems are controlled and operated using power electronic devices such as converters, it is necessary to design and analyze them by considering the power electronics sections. For this reason, we propose a scalable DC system analysis algorithm, which considers various system configurations depending on the operating mode and location of the converter. The algorithm consists of power flow fault current calculations, and the results of the algorithm can be used for designing DC systems. The algorithm is implemented using MATLAB with defined input and output data. The verification of the algorithm is mainly performed using ETAP software, and the accuracy of the algorithm analysis can be confirmed through the results.
Keyword DC microgrid,DC distribution system,Power flow analysis,Fault current analysis.
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