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JEET, Vol. 13, No. 5, September 2018
Multi-Objective Optimization Model of Electricity Behavior Considering the Combination of Household Appliance Correlation and Comfort
Jing Han
Area A - Electric Power Engineering
Abstract With the wide application of intelligent household appliances, the optimization of electricity behavior has become an important component of home-based intelligent electricity. In this study, a multi-objective optimization model in an intelligent electricity environment is proposed based on economy and comfort. Firstly, the domestic consumers load characteristics are analyzed, and the operating constraints of interruptible and transferable electrical appliances are defined. Then, constraints such as household electrical load, electricity habits, the correlation minimization electricity expenditure model of household appliances, and the comfort model of electricity use are integrated into multi-objective optimization. Finally, a continuous search multi-objective particle swarm algorithm is proposed to solve the optimization problem. The analysis of the corresponding example shows that the multi-objective optimization model can effectively reduce electricity costs and improve electricity use comfort.
Keyword Intelligent electricity,Electricity behavior habits,Customer satisfaction,Multi-objective particle swarm optimization.
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