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JEET, Vol. 13, No. 5, September 2018
Single Line-to-ground Fault Location and Information Modeling Based on the Interaction between Intelligent Distribution Equipment
Wei Luo
Area A - Electric Power Engineering
Abstract In this paper, the fault line selection and location problems of single line-to-ground (SLG) fault in distribution network are addressed. Firstly, the adaptive filtering property for empirical mode decomposition is formulated. Then in view of the different characteristics showed by the intrinsic mode functions(IMF) under different fault inception angles obtained by empirical mode decomposition, the sign of peak value about the low-frequency IMF and the capacitance transient energy is chosen as the fault line selection criteria according to the different proportion occupied by the low-frequency components. Finally, the fault location is determined based upon the comparison result with adjacent fault passage indicators (FPI) waveform on the strength of the interaction between the distribution terminal unit(DTU) and the FPI. Moreover, the logic nodes regarding to fault line selection and location are newly expanded according to IEC61850, which also provides reference to acquaint the DTU or FPIs function and monitoring. The simulation results validate the effectiveness of the proposed fault line selection and location methods.
Keyword Empirical mode decomposition,Fault line selection,Fault locating,IEC61850,Smallcurrent grounding fault.
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