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JEET, Vol. 13, No. 2, March 2018
A Novel Approved Mathematical Equation for Lightning Protection Angle
Arnon Singhasathein
Area E - Electrical Facilities
Abstract During the past few decades, the lightning protection angle (a ) has been proposed through several technical matters, namely graphical technique, numerical data and mathematical equation respectively. Nevertheless, these techniques are very complicated, and are difficult to utilize because they also contain several constraints practically. Hence, this paper proposes a novel equation of the lightning protection angle, which is a simple correlation, concise and easy to be implemented. Furthermore, the reliable result of this equation can confirm accuracy through comparative analysis with all previous techniques. As a result, these solutions are altogether equivalent. This novel equation can analyze the lightning protection angle of the vertical air termination system installed at the vertex of the royal pagoda in a Khema-pirataram temple which is at high risk due to lightning flashes.
Keyword Lightning protection angle,Vertical conducting rod
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