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JEET, Vol. 13, No. 2, March 2018
Dynamic Compliance and its Compensation Control of HIVC Force Control System
Bin Yu
Area D - Information and Control
Abstract In this paper, the dynamic compliance and its compensation control of the force control system on the highly integrated valve-controlled cylinder (HIVC), the joint driver of the hydraulic drive legged robot, is researched. During the robot motion process, the outer loop dynamic compliance control is applied on the base of hydraulic control inner loop and most inner loop control are the force or torque closed loop control. While the dynamic compliance control effectiveness of outer loop can be affected by the inner loop self-dynamic-compliance. Based on this problem, the dynamic compliance series composition theory of HIVC force control system as well as the analysis of its self-dynamiccompliance is proposed. And then the paper comes up with the compliance-enhanced control, which is a compound compensation control method of dynamic compliance with multiple series branches. Finally, the experiment results indicate that the control method mentioned above can enhance the dynamic compliance of HIVC force control system observably. This provides the compensation control method of inner loop dynamic compliance for the outer loop compliance control requiring the high accuracy and high robustness for the robot.
Keyword Legged robot,Highly integrated valve-controlled cylinder,Force control,Dynamic compliance,Compensation control
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