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JEET, Vol. 13, No. 2, March 2018
PD Signal Time-Frequency Map and PRPD Pattern Analysis of Nano SiO2 Modified Palm Oil for Transformer Insulation Applications
Area C - Electrophysics and Applications
Abstract In recent times, development of nanofluid insulation for power transformers is a hot research topic. Many researchers reported the enhancement in dielectric characteristics of nano modified mineral oils. Considering the drawbacks of petroleum based mineral oil, it is necessary to understand the dielectric characteristics of nanofluids developed with natural ester based oils. Palm oil has better insulation characteristics comparable to mineral oil. However very few research reports is available in the area of nanofluids based on palm oil. Partial discharge (PD) is one of the major sources of insulation performance degradation of transformer oil. It is essential to understand the partial discharge(PD) characteristics by collecting huge data base of PD performance of nano modified palm oil which will increase its confidence level for power transformer application. Knowing these facts, in the present work, certain laboratory experiments have been performed on PD characteristics of nano SiO2 modified palm oil at different electrode configurations. Influence of concentration of nano filler material on the PD characteristics is also studied. Partial discharge inception voltage, Phase resolved partial discharge (PRPD) pattern, PD signal time-frequency domain characteristics, PD signal equivalent timelength-bandwidth mapping, Weibull distribution statistical parameters of PRPD pattern, skewness, repetition rate and phase angle variations are evaluated at different test conditions. From the results of the experiments conducted, we came to understand that PD performance of palm oil is considerably enhanced with the addition of nano-SiO2 filler at 0.01%wt and 0.05%wt concentration. Significant reduction in PD inception voltage, repetition rate, Weibull shape parameter and PD magnitude are noticed with addition of SiO2 nanofillers in palm oil. These results will be useful for recommending nano modified palm oil for power transformer applications.
Keyword Power transformer,Nanofluid,Partial discharge,Liquid insulation,Frequency spectrum
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