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JEET, Vol. 13, No. 2, March 2018
The Effect of Hygrothermal Aging on the Properties of Epoxy Resin
Yu Liu
Area C - Electrophysics and Applications
Abstract Because of excellent electrical properties, epoxy resin is widely used in packaging and casting power equipment. Moisture and temperature in the environment are inclined to seriously affect the insulation tolerance of epoxy resin. This work focuses on the aging characteristics of epoxy resin in hygrothermal environment. Scanning electron microscopy images show that there are micro-crack, micro-slit and holes inside aged samples. The moisture absorption process undergoes three equilibrium stages and it does not follow the Ficks second law. Observing the change of hydrogen bonds in the infrared spectra of the dried samples, it is found that chemically moisture absorption immerges when the physical moisture absorption entered the third equilibrium stage. By Debye equation to fit the imaginary part of the dielectric constant, it is concluded that the uniformity of water molecule has a great influence on the electrical conductivity loss. Furthermore, the polarization loss can be more easily affected by water molecules than small free molecules. After the aged samples being dried, their real and imaginary part of the dielectric constant descend, but their original electrical properties cannot completely restored. After chemical moisture absorption appears inside the material, the residual space charges increase significantly and the charge dissipation rate slow down obviously.
Keyword Epoxy resin,Hygrothermal aging,Equilibrium stage,Debye equation,Space charge
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