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JEET, Vol. 13, No. 2, March 2018
Power Flow Algorithm for Weakly Meshed Distribution Network with Distributed Generation Based on Loop-analysis in Different Load Models
Hongsheng Su
Area A - Electric Power Engineering
Abstract As distributed generation (DG) is connected to grid, there is new node-type occurring in distribution network. An efficient algorithm is proposed in this paper to calculate power flow for weakly meshed distribution network with DGs in different load models. The algorithm respectively establishes mathematical models focusing on the wind power, photovoltaic cell, fuel cell, and gas turbine, wherein the different DGs are respectively equivalent to PQ, PI, PQ (V) and PV node-type. When dealing with PV node, the algorithm adopts reactive power compensation device to correct power, and the reactive power allocation principle is proposed to determine reactive power initial value to improve convergence of the algorithm. In addition, when dealing with the weakly meshed network, the proposed algorithm, which builds path matrix based on loop-analysis and establishes incident matrix of node voltage and injection current, possesses good convergence and strong ability to process the loops. The simulation results in IEEE33 and PG&G69 node distribution networks show that with increase of the number of loops, the algorithms iteration times will decrease, and its convergence performance is stronger. Clearly, it can be effectively used to solve the problem of power flow calculation for weakly meshed distribution network containing different DGs.
Keyword Distributed Generation (DG),Load flow calculation,Weakly meshed distribution network,Loop-analysis
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