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JEET, Vol. 13, No. 1, January 2018
Thermal and Electrical Energy Mix Optimization(EMO) Method for Real Large-scaled Residential Town Plan
Soo-Hwan Cho
Area E - Electrical Facilities
Abstract Since Paris Climate Change Conference in 2015, many policies to reduce the emission of greenhouse gas have been accelerating, which are mainly related to renewable energy resources and micro-grid. Presently, the technology development and demonstration projects are mostly focused on diversifying the power resources by adding wind turbine, photo-voltaic and battery storage system in the island-type small micro-grid. It is expected that the large-scaled micro-grid projects based on the regional district and town/complex city, e.g. the block type micro-grid project in Daegu national industrial complex will proceed in the near future. In this case, the economic cost or the carbon emission can be optimized by the efficient operation of energy mix and the appropriate construction of electric and heat supplying facilities such as cogeneration, renewable energy resources, BESS, thermal storage and the existing heat and electricity supplying networks. However, when planning a large residential town or city, the concrete plan of the energy infrastructure has not been established until the construction plan stage and provided by the individual energy suppliers of water, heat, electricity and gas. So, it is difficult to build the efficient energy portfolio considering the characteristics of town or city. This paper introduces an energy mix optimization(EMO) method to determine the optimal capacity of thermal and electric resources which can be applied in the design stage of the real largescaled residential town or city, and examines the feasibility of the proposed method by applying the real heat and electricity demand data of large-scale residential towns with thousands of households and by comparing the result of HOMER simulation developed by National Renewable Energy Laboratory(NREL).
Keyword Energy utilization plan,Energy mix optimization,Energy portfolio,Thermal and electric energy,Large scale residential town
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