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JEET, Vol. 13, No. 1, January 2018
Covariance Matrix Synthesis Using Maximum Ratio Combining in Coherent MIMO Radar with Frequency Diversity
Hyeonmu Jeon
Area D - Information and Control
Abstract Reliable detection and parameter estimation of a radar cross section(RCS) fluctuating target have been known as a difficult task. To reduce the effect of RCS fluctuation, various diversity techniques have been considered. This paper presents a new method for synthesizing a covariance matrix applicable to a coherent multi-input multi-output(MIMO) radar with frequency diversity. It is achieved by efficiently combining covariance matrices corresponding to different carrier frequencies such that the signal-to-noise ratio(SNR) in the combined covariance matrix is maximized. The value of a synthesized covariance matrix is assessed by examining the phase curves of its entries and the improvement on direction of arrival(DOA) estimation.
Keyword Covariance matrix,RCS,Frequency diversity,DOA,Multicarrier,MIMO
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