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JEET, Vol. 13, No. 1, January 2018
Calibration of Structured Light Vision System using Multiple Vertical Planes
Jong Eun Ha
Area D - Information and Control
Abstract Structured light vision system has been widely used in 3D surface profiling. Usually, it is composed of a camera and a laser which projects a line on the target. Calibration is necessary to acquire 3D information using structured light stripe vision system. Conventional calibration algorithms have found the pose of the camera and the equation of the stripe plane of the laser under the same coordinate system of the camera. Therefore, the 3D reconstruction is only possible under the camera frame. In most cases, this is sufficient to fulfill given tasks. However, they require multiple images which are acquired under different poses for calibration. In this paper, we propose a calibration algorithm that could work by using just one shot. Also, proposed algorithm could give 3D reconstruction under both the camera and laser frame. This would be done by using newly designed calibration structure which has multiple vertical planes on the ground plane. The ability to have 3D reconstruction under both the camera and laser frame would give more flexibility for its applications. Also, proposed algorithm gives an improvement in the accuracy of 3D reconstruction.
Keyword Calibration,Extrinsic calibration,Structured light vision system,3D reconstruction
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