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JEET, Vol. 13, No. 1, January 2018
Torque Sensorless Decentralized Position/Force Control for Constrained Reconfigurable Manipulator via Non-fragile H Dynamic Output Feedback
Yuanchun Li
Area D - Information and Control
Abstract This paper studies the decentralized position/force control problem for constrained reconfigurable manipulator without torque sensing. A novel joint torque estimation scheme that exploits the existing structural elasticity of the manipulator joint with harmonic drive model is applied for each joint module. Based on the estimated joint torque and dynamic output feedback technique, a decentralized position/force control strategy is presented. In order to solve the problem of controller parameter perturbation, the non-fragile robust technique is introduced into the dynamic output feedback controller. Subsequently, the stability of the closed-loop system is proved using the Lyapunov theory and linear matrix inequality (LMI) technique. Finally, two 2-DOF constrained reconfigurable manipulators with different configurations are applied to verify the effectiveness of the proposed control scheme in numerical simulation.
Keyword Constrained reconfigurable manipulator,Force/position control,Joint torque estimation,Non-fragile robust control,Dynamic output feedback
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