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JEET, Vol. 13, No. 1, January 2018
Electrical Characteristics of SiC Lateral P-i-N Diodes Fabricated on SiC Semi-Insulating Substrate
Jungyol Jo
Area C - Electrophysics and Applications
Abstract Static characteristics of SiC (silicon carbide) lateral p-i-n diodes implemented on semiinsulating substrate without an epitaxial layer are investigated. On-axis SiC HPSI (high purity semiinsulating) and VDSI (vanadium doped semi-insulating) substrates are used to fabricate the lateral p-i-n diode. The space between anode and cathode (LAC) is varied from 5 to 20 m to investigate the effect of intrinsic-region length on static characteristics. Maximum breakdown voltages of HPSI and VDSI are 1117 and 841 V at LAC = 20 m, respectively. Due to the doped vanadium ions in VDSI substrate, diffusion length of carriers in the VDSI substrate is less than that of the HPSI substrate. A forward voltage drop of the diode implemented on VDSI substrate is 12 V at the forward current of 1 A, which is higher than 2.5 V of the diode implemented on HPSI substrate.
Keyword Silicon carbide,Semi-insulating,Lateral power device,High purity semi-insulating,Vnadium doped semi-insulating
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