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JEET, Vol. 13, No. 1, January 2018
Class-E Power Amplifier with Minimal Standby Power for Wireless Power Transfer System
Byoung-Hee Lee
Area B - Electric Machinery and Power Electronics
Abstract Class-E power amplifier, Impedance matching, Magnetic resonance coupling (MRC), Standby power, Wireless power transfer (WPT)
Keyword This paper presents a method for minimizing standby power consumption in wireless power transfer (WPT) system via magnetic resonance coupling (MRC) that operates at 6.78 MHz. The proposed circuit controls the required capacitance according to operational condition in order to reduce standby power consumption. Based on an impedance characteristic of the class-E power amplifier,operational principles of the proposed circuit are analyzed. Moreover,to verify the effectiveness of the proposed class-E power amplifier,an 8 W prototype for WPT system is implemented. The measured input power of the proposed class-E power amplifier at standby condition is reduced from 5.81 W to 3.53 W.
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