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JEET, Vol. 13, No. 1, January 2018
An Adaptive Complementary Sliding-mode Control Strategy of Single-phase Voltage Source Inverters
Anle Mu
Area B - Electric Machinery and Power Electronics
Abstract In order to achieve the high quality output voltage of single-phase voltage source inverters, in this paper an Adaptive Complementary Sliding Mode Control (ACSMC) is proposed. Firstly, the dynamics model of the single-phase inverter with lumped uncertainty including parameter variations and external disturbances is derived. Then, the conventional Sliding Mode Control (SMC) and Complementary Sliding Mode Control (CSMC) are introduced separately. However, when system parameters vary or external disturbance occurs, the controlling performance such as tracking error, response speed et al. always could not satisfy the requirements based on the SMC and CSMC methods. Consequently, an ACSMC is developed. The ACSMC is composed of a CSMC term, a compensating control term and a filter parameters estimator. The compensating control term is applied to compensate for the system uncertainties, the filter parameters estimator is used for on-line LC parameter estimation by the proposed adaptive law. The adaptive law is derived using the Lyapunov theorem to guarantee the closed-loop stability. In order to decrease the control system cost, an inductor current estimator is developed. Finally, the effectiveness of the proposed controller is validated through Matlab/Simulink and experiments on a prototype single-phase inverter test bed with a TMS320LF28335 DSP. The simulation and experimental results show that compared to the conventional SMC and CSMC, the proposed ACSMC control strategy achieves more excellent performance such as fast transient response, small steady-state error, and low total harmonic distortion no matter under load step change, nonlinear load with inductor parameter variation or external disturbance.
Keyword Adaptive complementary sliding-mode control,Single-phase voltage source inverter,Voltage control,Inductor current estimator
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